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We’re in the midst of a revolution. With protests and uprisings taking place all over the world in the name of justice, we find ourselves in a time where the world is finally ready to hear the voice of the inner city. Asbury Park echoes that voice, revealing a tale of injustice through the eyes of four inner-city youths. They dream of making it out of the hood, but in order to survive, they'll be forced to choose between being law-abiding citizens and doing what's right.


Young Detroit actors have been tasked with telling this compelling story and some of Hollywood’s elite have decided to join them. Glenn Plummer (South Central/Sons of Anarchy). Jamal Woolard (Notorious), Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (The Wire), Fredro Starr (Moesha/Save the Last Dance),  Jermaine Hopkins (Juice/Lean on Me), and Peter Gunz (Love & Hip Hop) have all joined the cast of Asbury Park.

As an independent project, our production team is looking to raise more funds to increase our PR and marketing budget. Doing these things will increase our chances of admission into the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and will position us to gain national notoriety.

We’re filming in Detroit. We have a Detroit writer, director, and crew. This film is starring Detroit kids. Like Motown did before us, let’s show the world how talented we are and what we can do. Donate or shop with us. Both help us to tell OUR STORY.

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